Sunday, December 5, 2010


    It is common today that we heard about suicide.This can be seen in the mass media and the bulletin that we watch in the television and newspaper.Talk about suicide, most of the cases is involving teenagers. Why that many teenagers commit suicide to solve their problems?This thing is completely wrong and not the best thing to solve any problems.So,there are causes and effect that push this thing to happen.

    Firstly, there are many causes that leads teenager to commit suicide and one of the main thing that leads this thing happen is break-up. For example, we can see from the television that many teenage that attempts to suicide is mostly because of break-up with their lover whether girls or boys. Moreover,after they break-up,it feels like they have lost control and did not know what to do because their lover had dump him/her. So, the best way that they have in their mind is commit suicide because like they said `death means no pain’.It is obviously wrong because there are many way to solve the problems that they had rather than suicide.

    When something have its own causes, there is always an effect for what they did. When many teenagers commit suicide,it will leads for the others to follow committing suicide. Nevertheless, this thing will be like a trend for the others to solve their problems because for them, suicide can make a satisfaction. It is completely wrong because after they commit suicide,many side will get the difficulties especially the parents.  So, this thing will effect not only them but others will also suffer.

    In conclusion, teenagers are now growing  and they must not be narrow minded. Commit suicide is not the way to solve problems. There are many effect from committing suicide and many people will suffer from this thing. So, we must think wisely to make any decision because if we did not do that, we will be regret for the rest of our life.

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