Sunday, December 5, 2010


    It is common today that we heard about suicide.This can be seen in the mass media and the bulletin that we watch in the television and newspaper.Talk about suicide, most of the cases is involving teenagers. Why that many teenagers commit suicide to solve their problems?This thing is completely wrong and not the best thing to solve any problems.So,there are causes and effect that push this thing to happen.

    Firstly, there are many causes that leads teenager to commit suicide and one of the main thing that leads this thing happen is break-up. For example, we can see from the television that many teenage that attempts to suicide is mostly because of break-up with their lover whether girls or boys. Moreover,after they break-up,it feels like they have lost control and did not know what to do because their lover had dump him/her. So, the best way that they have in their mind is commit suicide because like they said `death means no pain’.It is obviously wrong because there are many way to solve the problems that they had rather than suicide.

    When something have its own causes, there is always an effect for what they did. When many teenagers commit suicide,it will leads for the others to follow committing suicide. Nevertheless, this thing will be like a trend for the others to solve their problems because for them, suicide can make a satisfaction. It is completely wrong because after they commit suicide,many side will get the difficulties especially the parents.  So, this thing will effect not only them but others will also suffer.

    In conclusion, teenagers are now growing  and they must not be narrow minded. Commit suicide is not the way to solve problems. There are many effect from committing suicide and many people will suffer from this thing. So, we must think wisely to make any decision because if we did not do that, we will be regret for the rest of our life.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

     One day, I felt very bored and don’t know what to do to make this feeling disappeared. This is the last year  for me to study at SAM Hulu Langat. Now,I’m the senior in this school and when we talk about senior,  we are superior than the other student. As usual,when I felt bored,I will call someone to massage my back. It is really relaxing and good. Although the junior don’t want to massage me actually but he know if he resist to help me,he will be beaten by me. So, he just follow what did I say to him.
    I just about want to close my eyes,suddenly, my head been beaten by my friend’s fist.It is really hurt and I felt very angry but you know,he’s my friend and I know his intention to joke with me. After that,he told me that tonight is the Champions League Final,Manchester United vs Chelsea. I felt very excited and we started to plan about tonight. Actually,we must be careful tonight because we studied in a boarding school and we’ve been prohibited by the authorist from go outside the hostel.So,if we found guilty, the authorist or known as the warden will tell our parents and we will expelled from the hostel.

   This is the time when me and my friends will go outside our hostel and watch the match at the mamak stall known as Restoran Fatimah Ghous. First,my friend will check wether it is clear for we to started moving. When we got the signal,we run as fast as we could to avoid  the annoying guard from seing us. I felt very relieve because now we are actually outside the hostel. We started to chat all the way to the mamak stall. We felt really happy because got the opportunity to watch the final match without knowing what will happen to us after this. After the match finish, we started to get moving and walk heading to our hostel.
    On the way to hostel, I felt very uneasy and afraid suddenly. My friends told me to be chill and just rilex. After that, we really shocked to see a big dog  in front of us. I didn’t know what to do because this is my first time to see such thing.At first, we  want to take some rock and a stick pretend like want to beat the dog but before we had the opportunity to do that, the dog started to chase us. I run as fast as I could and started to left my friends behind. We use separated way and I felt very strange because I think that the dog will chased my friends but it chased me instead. I don’t know what to do now because the dog is very fast chasing me and I started to felt exhausted. Then, I see one car in front of me and without felt any regret, I decided to jump into the car and stay at the car’s front bonnet.It is really exhausted and I think I would be the winner of 100m running competition if I kept running like that.

   The dog still watching every single step of me and started to bark just like it want to eat me. After that, maybe it felt boring to watch me and started to go away. I started to run to my friends and we run all the way to the hostel. My cloth were very wet with my sweat and I dropouts my wallet during the running but it’s okay as long as I got no injury. After the incident,me and my friends make a promise that we will never and ever  go outside the hostel again except with the authorist’s permission. So, I will never forget this thing and this will be my unforgettable experience.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


It is common today that people compete to gain power, career, and be superior than the others. This can be seen with language in the part of regaining all those desired. Talk about language, we often thought about speaking and writing. It is argued that speaking is better than writing. This will be proven by analyzing the speaker and the writer itself.

Firstly, speaking is easier than writing. For example, when we speak, we usually go straight to the point on explaining our points. On the other hands, when we write, we usually have to concentrate on the spelling and grammar mistake in order to make the reader understand what we explain to them. This example clearly shows that speaking is easier than writing. It is obvious that people are more comfortable speaking than writing when in a progress of learning.

Secondly, speaking is much more convenience than writing. For instant,speaking is often spontaneous and unplanned whereas writing is something that we must plan first before it is given to the readers especially the examiners. It is obvious when looking this example that writing request a lot of thinking compared to speaking. So, it is obvious that speak give more convenience when improving languages.

After analyzing the area of the speaker and writer,speaking is better than writing in improving languages. As has been proven, speaking gives more advantages and convenience in improving languages. So,when we want to improve our languages, speaking is the best method.

Muhammad Zaid Aiqbal Bin Zaaba (102595)
Arif Mukhlis Bin Nasrul Zaki (100650)

Monday, November 22, 2010

   Nowadays, everybody loves to capture a picture and see it. Images maybe not like other things that have the ability to change the world but for me,although images is a simple thing, it can give us lot of formation and advantages.         
   Images can encourage someone to react when they see it. Moreover, people will attract to the images without realizing it. It can also make people to do something about it. For example, when the muslims look at the picture of their god Allah, they will inspired by the picture and it will make them amazed by Allah creation.So,images can also changed the world  and encourage someone.
   Other than that, images also can make us know what is going on in this world. Furthermore, when something happen such as natural disaster,people will capture the images of that thing andshow it to eeverybody.This is really important for us because that images is like a proof to show what is really happen in this world actually. So, images have the ability also to changed the world.
   In conclusion, images is really important to us because it can attract people to act something and know the things that happen in this world. So,images can changed the world.